Oyster Fresh Oyster
(with homemade sauce)
RM 6.00 each
Baked Oyster RM 6.50 each
Lobster Lobster Thermidor Live lobster: RM 24.00 per 100g

Frozen lobster: RM 18.00 per 100g

Lobster Soup
Steamed Lobster
Black Pepper Lobster
Lobster Sashimi
Prawn Oatmeal Fried Prawn Mix sizes: RM 11.00 per 100g

King sizes: RM 13.00 per 100g

Garlic Prawn
Baked Prawn
Asam Prawn
Steamed Prawn (with Chinese wine)
Tomyam Prawn
Sweet & Sour Prawn
Salt & Pepper Prawn
Salad Prawn
Cheese Prawn
Curry Prawn
Crab Baked Crab RM 8.00 per 100g (min order 2 nos)
Sweet & Sour Crab
Black Pepper Crab
Steamed Crab
Chilli Crab
Mantis Prawn Salt & Pepper Mantis Prawn Live Mantis Prawn: RM 14.00 per 100g (min order 2 nos)
Cheese Mantis Prawn
Baked Mantis Prawn
Steamed Mantis Prawn (with chinese wine)
Fish Chinese Pomfret RM 11.00 per 100g
White Pomfret RM 11.00 per 100g
Black Pomfret RM 8.00 per 100g
Siakap Cultured – RM 7.00 per 100g

Sea Water – RM 8.00 per 100g

Sea Garupa Frozen – RM 11.00 per 100g

Live – RM 13.00 per 100g

Soon Hong RM 11.00 per 100g
Red Snapper RM 10.00 per 100g
Senangin RM 7.00 per 100g
Fish Dishes Curry Fish
Steamed Fish
Tomyam Fish
Fried Fish with Soy Sauce
Fried and Steamed Fish
Fried Fish with Chili Padi
Sweet & Sour Fish
Sotong Deep Fried Sotong RM 11.00 / RM 17.00 / RM25.00
Black Pepper Sotong
Sotong Fried with Chili
Mantis Prawn Meat Oatmeal Fried Mantis Prawn RM 13.00 / RM 20.00 / RM25.00
Mantis Prawn Fried with Chili
Black Pepper Mantis Prawn
Salad Mantis Prawn
Bamboo Shell Bamboo Shell Fried with Chili RM 12.00 / RM 18.00 / RM 22.00
Bamboo Shell Fried with Ginger
Bamboo Shell Fried with Kam Haeng
Clams Clams Fried with Chili RM 11.00 / RM 17.00 / RM25.00
Clams Fried with Ginger
Scallop Steamed Scallop RM 28.00
Baked Scallop RM 33.00
Paddy Frog Steamed Paddy Frog with Chicken Essence RM 30.00 / RM 50.00
Paddy Frog Fried with Dry Chili RM 22.00 / RM 44.00
Paddy Frog Fried with Ginger
Chicken Inchi Chicken RM 11.00 / RM 18.00 / RM 27.00
Balacan Chicken
Pork Pork Leg Thai Style RM 30.00
Bai Kut Ong RM 11.00 / RM 22.00 / RM 33.00
Homade Tau Fu Tau Fu Crab Meat RM 3.00 per piece
Tau Fu Fried with Chopper Pork & Salted Fish
Tau Fu Fried with Mix Vegetables
Steamed Tau Fu RM 2.80 per piece
Soup Seaweed Soup RM 7.00 / RM 12.00 / RM 18.00
Mix Vegetables Soup
Vegetables Fried Sambai Kang Kong RM 9.00 / RM 14.00 / RM 19.00
Fried Brussels Sprout
Fried Bean Sprout with Salted Fish
Fried You Mak
Fried E.P Vegetables
Fried Mix Vegetables RM 10.00 / RM 16.00 / RM 20.00
Foo Yong Hai RM 13.00 / RM 18.00 / RM 22.00
Rice & Noodles Fried Rice RM 9.00 / RM 14.00 / RM 19.00
Maggie Mee
(fried or soup)
Bee Hoon
Fried Bee Hoon Mee
Tomyam Bee Hoon RM 11.00 / RM 16.00 / RM 20.00
Fried Salted Fish Bee Hoon
Fried Pork Leg Bee Hoon RM 20.00 / RM 24.00 / RM 28.00
Porridge Hainan Seafood Porridge
(available either crab, prawn or fish)
Seasonal Price
Appetizer Hainan Spring Rolls
(min order 2 rolls)
RM 4.50 per rolls